Katrin Rauen

Neurologist and becoming psychiatrist specializing in the treatment and research of traumatic brain injuries. Profound international experience as physical therapist and neurologist in intensive care, acute and rehabilitative treatment of children and adults suffering from TBI. Doctoral thesis in experimental TBI brain edema research entitled “Influence of vasopressin receptors and aquaporins on secondary brain injury following experimental TBI” at Prof. Plesnila´s laboratory at LMU Munich in 2014. Building up her own research group on traumatic encephalopathy with the focus on posttraumatic long-term sequels due to chronic neuroinflammation and posttraumatic dementia as well as analyzing differences and similarities to Alzheimer´s disease and posttraumatic stress disorders. Affiliation to the ERA-Net Neuron CnsAflame TBI consortium on neuroinflammatory mechanisms following TBI. Visiting scientist at the Institute of Stroke and dementia research at LMU Munich.

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