Ewelina Biskup, MD

A medical doctor of Internal Medicine in Switzerland. I graduated from medical school in Germany, gaining MD at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Prof.Kai Simons), pursuing medical training in Shanghai, Boston (Harvard Medical School hospitals) and New York, followed by residency training in Switzerland. I was a foreign lecturer at the University of Tongji, Shanghai since 2011. Recently, I was appointed as an Associate Professor at the Shanghai University of Medicine and Science, affiliated to the Jiaotong University, in Shanghai. During my studies, I worked in the European Parliament, engaging in Europe-China projects.

I appreciate and value the experience of working in different countries and healthcare environments. I am a member of the EFIM YI Subcommittee (Treasurer) and the founder and representative of Swiss Young Internists, delegate of the Swiss Society of Internal Medicine and member of Science Matters. I participate in different activities, promoting high quality clinical and scientific research cooperation among young specialists. My research focuses on breast cancer.

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