Cheri Ballinger

Born in Southern California, Chéri Ballinger is the eldest of her parent’s six children and also the only daughter. As a young teenager, she was chosen from thousands of eager girls to appear in Disney’s The Parent Trap. She was again discovered several years later while working at a golf resort and amazingly booked her first national commercial. Clearly, this girl was something unique and special. Since then, she has been a professional actress, fashion model, and TV host who has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, national and international commercials and print ads. For nearly ten years, she was the official spokesmodel of the leading beauty brand Sun Labs/Giselle Cosmetics, who flew her around the United States and abroad to represent them in the public and in all media outlets. Her passion, optimism, and strong work ethic allowed her to excel flying around the world for all these years while still being able to earn a Bachelor of Arts from California State University. [spacer height=”20px”]Chéri had integrity, wit, and a good heart that allowed her to have so much success. But in February of 2014, Chéri was working as a model for a movie poster at a major Los Angeles studio and her life changed. She was in the middle of an action shot when she fell onto the back of her head on concrete from high above a trampoline. Since her TBI on that day, her world has never been the same. After years of grueling physical and speech therapy, as well as the grim prospect that she would not be able to have a full life again, Chéri overcame all the odds against her. [spacer height=”20px”]Now an international speaker, she is a strong advocate for women’s health and brain injuries. While focusing on creating a full life once again and excited about her future, Chéri Ballinger sees life as a precious gift to treasure every day.

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