By going back, I’m able to move forward

I did an aperens for the medical company Rhouge this afternoon. If you ask me it went very well. I’m so fortunate to be able to make my mark in the world of Alzheimer’s. This is my words: As introduced My name i s Sofia Petersson I was a very ordinary person. But lately I […]

Chicago and the DIAN meeting

Me and the family went to the DIAN meeting in Chicago 20-21 july It’s so nice to meet the mutant friends and be part of a group of people that gets me. It was a mix off laughter and tears. The city is a beautiful place. So many things to do. I think that my […]

Summer in Sweden

Al of month off May has been super hot in south of Sweden. 77 fahrenheit and up to 86 fahrenheit. In europe that will translate to 28-30 celsius. I can’t walk Sam the dog until the evening so we just chill in the shadows. In the afternoon we will Walk, bike or drive down to […]

Spring cleaning

Picture off my High School graduation Spring cleaning made me sad! I found a lot off handwritten notes in my closet when I was cleaning. All off them about dad and his alzheimers…… In the beginning It was easy for me to tell people. And if you would have seen me out and about in […]

Happy Birthday to me

So 27th of january I had my birthday! 42 years old, my question to myself is what have I learned in life so far? I learned that my husband is a sneaky bastard.He had me totally fooled on on my birthday. He gave me instructions in the morning, I was not to open the beverage […]

The X-men

In Sweden, christmas eve is the day you celebrate christmas. That is the day we open christmas gifts and eat a lot off ham and herring. I love to give and love to get gifts! This year I got myself a early christmas present. As you all know I have been struggled to get into […]

27th Alzheimer Europe Conference

27th Alzheimer Europe Conference was in Berlin this year and the Woman’s brain project was invited by the medical company Roche. My part in the conference was to be on a discussion panel about caregiving to a family member together with Annemarie Schumacher Dimech But first me and my husband Anders was keen on getting […]

Ooooo my godness I am mediastar 😉

O my, this friday there was a mediastorm coming through our house! It all started on monday when a old work colleague from my days as a news photographer contacted me. She is still a journalist and works for the government owned television network. They wanted to do a piece on my situation as a […]

A weekend whit tears and laughter

The most wonderful days in London last weekend. The Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN hade their yearly international meeting in London. DIAN is an international research partnership of leading scientists determined to understand a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease that is caused by a gene mutation. There are three known mutations in [...]

Fifteen years as married

I celebrated fifteen years as married this past weekend. We went to the Swedish Island Gotland for four days, enjoying medieval culture, Spa and fantastic food. When me and my husband met for the first time, It was the same day my father died. Me, my sister and mother had lived in the city hospital […]

Approval from Sam the dog

Time flies and I keep myself busy. Today’s discussion around the dinner table were about my oldest daughter feeling discriminated because of her gender at school by the boys. They are calling here “just a girl” so she can not be as successful as they will be be. This reminds me of my own battle […]

One year has past.

Today I have been living with my diagnosis for one year. When I came to the doctor’s office in the afternoon 25 january 2016 I already know the answer, I had felt that something was wrong for so long, that the diagnosis was not a chock for me. Still I started crying, mostly because I […]

Starting a new year remembering old ones….

It’s not often I remember my father from when he was normal (normal in my terms is before Alzheimer’s took him away from me). But thankfully I have my diary´s to help me. The first time that I mention Alzheimer’s disease is April 15th 1991. This is when my father got his diagnosis I was […]

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