Differential research for equal treatment

Identify specific needs related to women’s brain health, advocate for change, and position the findings for the benefit of the society.”

Our Strategy

Championing research into women's mental health and well-being

The Women’s Brain Project is currently leading an unprecedented initiative to promote a scientific discussion on the specific vulnerability of the female brain to mental diseases, and to advocate for women’s mental health.

Publish high impact peer-reviewed papers that address sex and gender differences in brain and mental health.

Promote basic, clinical, social and artificial intelligence research that can help identify tools for better diagnosis, treatment and care in brain and mental health conditions affecting women.


Advocate by generating social awareness and providing a platform for women passionate about and/or suffering from brain and mental diseases

  • We have created an online space for Sofia, a young woman diagnosed with familial Alzheimer’s disease when she was 40 years old, read her stories here

Engage policy makers, scientists, patients, drug developers, regulators and organizations to discuss evidence on female vulnerability to brain and mental disease, and propose solutions

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